What is The Function of the Wi-Fi Booster and Analyzer?

When you are experiencing a bad or a weak Wi-Fi signal in your home or office, you need more than just an app to suggest the best Wi-Fi channels and also boost your existing Wi-Fi signal. For a fast and easy solution for those problems, You can install a Wi-Fi booster and analyzer for your devices. So, let’s see the function of the Wi-Fi booster and analyzer before you purchase them to improve your Wi-Fi network coverage.

What is Wi-Fi Booster and Wi-Fi Analyzer?

You may be familiar with the Wi-Fi booster that is a device or software that used for boosting and extending your Wi-Fi network coverage. The Wi-Fi booster can be an easy and an affordable way to get a stronger and faster Wi-Fi signal speed since there are many Wi-Fi booster apps can be freely downloaded on your Google Play Store. While a Wi-Fi analyzer can be described as a useful software application that gives information about your wireless network and the networks around you. This app is commonly used to optimize your current Wi-Fi for getting the best performance.

What is The Function of the Wi-Fi Booster and Wi-Fi Analyzer?

If you are going to improve the performance of your weak Wi-Fi signal, installing the Wi-Fi booster and analyzer may help you to resolve that problem. As you already know that the Wi-Fi booster is really helpful when you want to get a stronger and also faster Wi-Fi signal for your devices at home or even your office. But, do you know about the function of Wi-Fi analyzer for your Wi-Fi network coverage? A Wi-Fi analyzer is able to do several things for your Wi-Fi signal network. This app works by detecting all nearby wireless networks, gather information about the Wi-Fi network, retrieve network names or also known as Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs), signal strength data and also security settings. A Wi-Fi analyzer is supported by heat mapping functionality for drawing the signal strength data on an amp to give you the information about signal weakness and also information about the possible high interference around your area. One of the best Wi-Fi analyzers that worth to try and meet the criteria is Netspot. This app will give you about your current wireless network data on a map and also giving the information where you get the weakest or strongest Wi-Fi signal.

Finding a strong or even just a stable Wi-Fi signal sometimes is challenging for many people. It can happen whether they are at home or at the office. And if you are in these situations, installing a Wi-Fi booster and analyzer will be such a great solution to improve your Wi-Fi signal coverage. The Wi-Fi analyzer which will give you all of the information about the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi booster that functioned for boosting and extending your current Wi-Fi network coverage will be a great combination. Just find the best ideal Wi-Fi booster and Wi-Fi analyzer that compatible with your current router and also the other hardware.


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